To Infinity and Beyond: Investing in Space

Defining the space industry can be difficult, as it includes not only space technology itself but the commercial opportunities that are generated from observing and using space. The OECD has defined the space economy as “the full range of activities and the use of resources that create and provide value and benefits to human beings in the course of exploring, understanding, managing and utilising space”.

The Olympic Games and its Economic Impact

Many cities submit their application for the Olympic bidding process, with five cities bidding to be host to the 2024 Olympic Games. As such, you would seem to think that the economic impact of hosting the Olympics would be a positive one. However, most cities have fallen into debt after hosting the Games.

Climate Change – Simply a Risk to the Earth’s Climate?

A number of regulatory initiatives, such as the Task-force for Climate related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), have been enforced in the past decade. They have had the effect of making asset managers responsible for incorporating climate risk and related considerations into their investment decision making, governance and risk management.

Neobanks – The Choice for Millennials

With rapid advancements in technology, coupled with strong shifts away from physical workplaces and face-to-face interactions, the world has become increasingly digital in all forms of life. One major change we have seen is the boom of digital banking, also known as ‘neobanking’.