About Us

Since the establishment of UNIT Monash in 2016, UNIT’s presence at Australia’s largest university has flourished. Epitomising the UNIT banner, UNIT Monash was founded upon a simple philosophy—to enlighten students and empower them to make optimal financial decisions. We have forged our unique identity, with a focus on facilitating an environment for like-minded individuals to foster their interest in investing and trading, and encouraging students to explore and enter the finance industry.

Responding to growing demand, our chapter has expanded and the committee is now divided into four principal departments: Sponsorship, Marketing & Events, Human Resources and Publications. These teams organise insightful events covering themes from property investment and personal finance to proprietary trading. Productive collaboration with fellow UNIT chapters means that we play a key role in delivering UNIT-wide events such as the Citi Global Markets Challenge. Our Publications division crafts ASX & International Market Wraps for our weekly newsletters, and contributes to UNIT-wide publications, including the UNIT Careers Guide.

We pride ourselves on our collegial culture and inclusive community, and invite students from all academic backgrounds to join the UNIT Monash family.

Executive Team

Aidan Sexton

Avestina Zhong
Vice President

Jeremy Schultz

Tracey Ho

George Bilionis
Creative Director

William Fan
Events Director

Sam Morrison
Marketing Director

Affan Ahmad
Publications Director

David Fan
Publications Director

Nathan Luong
Sponsorship Director

General Committee

Event officers

Justin Yang

Jade Ting

Lian Chen

Marketing officers

Lionel Riberio

Louis Tran

Mimi Bui

Rohan Gonsalves

Publication officers

Joseph Teoh

Howard Huynh

Andrew Takla